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Climate Lessons

One in five in a sample of UK children report nightmares about climate change
One in five in a sample of UK children report nightmares about climate change
Publish: Wed 04 Mar 2020 - 5:16 PM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

One in five in a sample of UK children 
report nightmares about climate change

The Jakarta Times , and others e.g. the London Metro, have published a Reuters piece on the results of a survey of UK children (hat-tip GWPF Newsletter 04/03/20).  These results, if correct - and they do seem plausible, are a sharp indictment of schools and the mass media for all they have done, and are doing, to scare children  about climate without good reason:

'One in five children are having nightmares about climate change, according to a British survey on Tuesday, as students globally stage protests over a lack of action to curb global warming. 

About 17 percent of children in Britain said worries about climate change were disturbing their sleep while 19 percent said these fears were giving them nightmares. 

The survey of 2,000 children aged eight to 16, conducted by pollster Savanta-ComRes for BBC Newsround, also found that two in five, or 41 percent, did not trust adults to tackle the climate crisis.'

Children, listen to this: Don't Be Afraid of Climate Change!
Children, listen to this: Don't Be Afraid of Climate Change!
Publish: Sat 01 Feb 2020 - 12:09 PM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

Writer Melissa Nichols has done children a great favour by writing this little book - 'Don't Be Afraid of Climate Change'.  It classes 'Climate Change' as a big, bad wolf, and takes the young readers through several of the ways this beast has been trying to scare or mislead them:

'But like all big, bad wolves, Climate Change doesn’t like telling  the truth. Let’s look at what he’s been saying, and see if he’s  been truthful or if he is just trying to scare you. '

She then goes through the topics, one by one and points out how wrong they are.  Here is how she handles the first topic:

'Polar bears are starving, and soon there won’t be any more  of them.  

Sorry, Climate Change, polar bears are doing just fine. Their  numbers were down in the past, but not because of you. They  were widely hunted, but thanks to polar bears becoming a  protected species, there are more of them running around now  than 70 years ago - around 25,000 more! That’s a lot of polar  bears.' 

Here are the headings for the other topics she covers:

Get ready to go for a swim. The ice is melting! 

The oceans are rising. We’re all going to be underwater. 

Hurricanes are getting stronger, and there are more of them.

Drink plenty of water while you can. Droughts are getting  worse. 

Climate Change used to be called Global Warming. And it’s  still getting hotter. 

Wind power is just about as good as it gets for helping the  environment. 

Solar power is a clean energy that everyone should have to  use. 

Nuclear power is evil. 

Pipelines are bad. The more pipelines that are built, the  more natural gas people will use. 

Cow farts and fossil fuels are producing enough methane to  knock us all out. 

CO2 levels are going to kill the earth. They must be stopped  right now! 

Ban fracking. It’s bad. 

She concludes (my italics):

'Climate change is not something to be afraid of. The world has  been changing since its beginning. It will always will. This is  not a bad thing. You have been changing from your very  beginning as well. This earth has been hot, and it has been cold.  We have always adapted to its changes and learned to enjoy  each day as it comes. '

At the end of the book, she provides a selection of references for further reading on each of the topics.  These will help older children and adults to dig a little deeper.

This is a wonderful book, one that deserves to be in every home, and in every school library.  The book is brief, simply-themed, very readable and with attractive illustrations.  There is surely scope for a hundred books like this, covering more ground, more topics, and with a range of content-levels.  We need books for 5, 10, 15 year-olds, and 20 and 25 and 30 year-olds as well.  All have been exposed all their lives to the scaremongering about CO2 and climate variation, and surely most could do with some help to get a calmer, better-balanced view of it.   In the meantime, I strongly recommend this book for all age levels.  It makes a great start on what will be a big, and kind, and truthful, task: helping victims of the CO2 Scaremongering recover from it.

[Hat-tip: Climate Depot]

Descent of a Man: famous David Attenborough has helped mislead, and frighten, children about climate
Descent of a Man: famous David Attenborough has helped mislead, and frighten, children about climate
Publish: Mon 27 Jan 2020 - 1:44 PM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

The GWPF has just released an indictment of David Attenborough, the much-admired populariser of wildlife studies.  His emotive voice-overs in misleading documentaries have surely been one of the drivers of the current high levels of climate anxiety in young people:

'London, 27 January: A new video documenting Sir David Attenborough’s inaccurate claims about climate change and Arctic wildlife blames his apocalyptic language and misleading narrative for the dramatic rise in eco anxiety among young people.
The video published today by the Global Warming Policy Forum (GWPF) and written by Dr. Susan Crockford, a Canadian wildlife expert, shows that increasing climate angst felt by many young people around the world started with Attenborough’s films that blamed starving polar bears on human-caused global warming.
The parents and teachers of these youngsters trusted Attenborough’s BBC productions to be accurate portrayals of the effects of climate change but that trust has been betrayed.
David Attenborough’s claims that ‘the collapse of our civilisations and the extinction of much of the natural world is on the horizon’ have captured international media attention but it is now apparent he has failed to ensure that the scripts he reads for his Arctic documentaries and the messages they contain are true reflections of the natural world.
"Misleading narratives about starving polar bears and fabricated stories of dying walrus, used to support an escalating message of doom about the Arctic, are not supported by facts," Dr Crockford said.
"Attenborough did not verify any facts contained in the scripts he was paid to narrate and passed along misinformation to naïve viewers, including many young children," she added.
One of these children was Swedish climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who said she was shown images of starving polar bears in school when she was 8 or 9 years old. The timing and nature of the material suggests the film she saw was Attenborough’s ‘On Thin Ice’ documentary from the ‘Frozen Planet’ series released in 2011.
"David Attenborough bears the brunt of responsibility for the recent epidemic of ‘eco-anxiety’ among children and young adults. Much of their misguidedly negative sense of how Arctic animals are fairing and their bleak outlook on the world come from the heart-wrenching but unverified stories found in Attenborough’s documentaries,| Dr Crockford said.
It is the responsibility of teachers and parents to reassure these worried youngsters that polar bears and walrus are not suffering because of sea ice loss blamed on climate change. Children need to be told the truth: that whatever scary stories some biologists come up with about what might happen in the future, Arctic species have demonstrated that they are much more resilient to changes in sea ice than Attenborough’s films suggest.
The GWPF is sending copies of this video to all head teachers of UK schools together with a letter, telling them that they are responsible for the mental health of their pupils and that they have a responsibility to provide their pupils with accurate information about the state of wildlife in the Arctic.

Attenborough's Arctic Betrayal (13 min)'

Key points from the letter can be read here, along with links in support of the case made: GWPF letter support

Well done Susan Crockford for this work, and well done the GWPF for promoting it.  

Terrifying Children to gain Recruits for the Climate Cult Continues
Terrifying Children to gain Recruits for the Climate Cult Continues
Publish: Mon 20 Jan 2020 - 4:09 PM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

A bout of illness has delayed my next post aimed at helping those who want to protect children from the excesses of the CO2 fanatics, but in the meantime here is some motivation for doing just that - a good piece in the Mail on Sunday:

DOUGLAS MURRAY: Terrifying our children with doom mongering propaganda on climate change is nothing less than abuse

Well worth reading in full here:  (hat-tip: Climate Science)

The article ends with these words:
'Natural phenomena, including disasters such as the recent fires in Australia, are presented as though they have never happened before and they are presented as though they are solely the result of this ‘climate emergency’.
It is a cynical and dangerous trend. And so the hyping-up of a generation continues, all encouraged by adults.
Caroline Hickman, a teaching fellow at the University of Bath, recently claimed that eco-anxiety had increased massively in the past year.
‘We’ve been talking to teachers and head teachers about how to help children and young people,’ she said. Some children have reported waking up with eco-nightmares. Her response? ‘Parents can’t just say, “Everything will be all right” as it won’t be.’
And there we get a glimpse into the real project here: a new generation is being terrified into agreeing with a specific and fringe eco-lobby. 
This lobby does not care if it damages the mental health of a generation because it seeks to recruit that generation as foot-soldiers.
It is time we called this what it is: an abuse of children on a massive and unforgivable scale. Something that the generations that will succeed us will look upon with shame.'
Well, parents, it is perfectly reasonable to assure your children that 'Everything will be all right' because there is no good reason to doubt that it will be as far as CO2 and climate variation are concerned.  But what an effort is going to be needed to overcome the decades of scaremongering propaganda!

New Year Resolution: help adults help children banish fear about CO2 and climate change
New Year Resolution: help adults help children banish fear about CO2 and climate change
Publish: Wed 01 Jan 2020 - 12:56 AM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

Looking Back
2019 was remarkable for those of us interested in the extensive, and utterly unjustifiable, panic over climate variation and our impact on it.  Two features stand out to me:

(1) The exploitation of Greta Thunberg, a troubled youngster whose troubles were increased when she was misled by a schoolteacher who told her that polar bears were dying out.  Of course, that 'fact' is not at all true - the polar bears have been doing relatively well for decades now, and their numbers have increased quite dramatically.  But truth does not really matter much in the CO2 Scare  - speculation, naive extrapolation, avoidance of inconvenient facts, and the dominance of emotive catch-phrases are all far more important.  Greta was but one of countless victims of decades of propaganda in schools, and elsewhere.  She went on to be pushed out front as a figurehead to produce even more such victims.  Ben Pile and Jaime Jessop have each written penetrating essays on what has been happening these past 12 months:

'The only truly new thing that has emerged over the past year or so has been the phenomenon of Greta Thunberg and her school-strike movement. For years, the ‘green blob’ network of campaigning organisations, corporations, academics and UN agencies has fantasised about mobilising the young as a political force. After pumping billions of children full of green propaganda, a climate avatar has arrived in the form of the Swedish truant-cum-activist. There could be no doubting the sincerity of the teen who bore the emotional scars inflicted on her by the movement that she was to lead – she had been so traumatised by green propaganda that she had not spoken, not eaten and had refused to go to school. Environmentalism is nothing if not a cult of self-harm.

Political, cultural and religious leaders fell over themselves to be seen being scolded by the child. Unlike Harry and Meghan, Greta refused to fly. Instead of private jets, European royalty, millionaires and superstars loaned her their sailing yachts and Teslas. To keep her own personal carbon footprint down, sailing crews and her entourage had to fly across the Atlantic.

Politicians and campaigning organisations may have found it useful to hide their political ambitions behind children. But to many people, the emotional manipulation of impressionable minds is unconscionable. It has now emerged that the false stories that many of the children have fallen victim to – such as the claims that charismatic creatures like walruses and polar bears face extinction or that the world’s rainforests face imminent collapse – are distressing young children and causing real harm.'

'2019 – The End of a Decade When Climate Change Alarmism Tipped Abruptly Into Climate Crisis Hysteria

In the final days of 2019, there is much to reflect upon events of the past year and, with the closing of the second decade of the 21st Century, much to reflect upon how climate change alarmism has itself alarmingly morphed into something much more dangerous, visceral, urgent, ideologically driven and immediate as regards public perception and societal impact. A decade during which global warming faded into obscurity (on account of the fact that there wasn’t any from 1998-2013) to be replaced almost universally by the more politically correct term of ‘climate change’, which has itself now been largely displaced in activist circles and the media by the terms ‘climate emergency’ and ‘climate crisis’. Ironically so, because, bereft of an actual climate crisis, alarmist scientists and activists have proceeded to invent one, linguistically, as in the case of the Guardian’s newly introduced style guide and by co-opting extreme weather events and their impacts into the general narrative.'

(2) An increase in scientific papers, and many excellent blog posts with a scientific focus, that undermine the climate panic, and the dreadful, degrading corruption of schools, universities, media, and governments.  Kenneth Richard and Pierre Gosselin have perhaps done more than most to collate and summarise these 'contrarian papers':
'2019 saw a great amount of new science emerge showing that there’s nothing alarming or catastrophic about our climate. 

Some 2019 scientific findings

Need to make a presentation showing there is no climate alarm? The following findings we reported on in 2019 will put many concerns to rest.
Hundreds of peer-reviewed papers ignored by media
What follows are some selected top science-based posts we published here at NoTricksZone in 2019. These new findings show there is absolutely no climate alarm.
Hundreds of new peer-reviewed papers, charts, findings, etc – which the IPCC, activists and media ignore and even conceal. No wonder they’ve gotten so shrill.'

Looking Forward

There is a clear need for calmer voices to be heard, and for a wider appreciation of just how flimsy the case is for alarm over our CO2 and our other impacts on climate.  Roughly speaking, more of item (2) above and less of item (1) are needed.

I am planning a series of posts that will be aimed at adults who want to help themselves and their children develop informed, apolitical, non emotive, fact based perspectives on climate variation that they can call their own thanks to their own efforts to learn more about what all the fuss is about.

There is plenty of evidence for the harm being done to young people thanks to their accepting 'off-the-shelf' scary opinions as if they were gospel truths.  Donna Laframboise has written of a recent example:
'A few days ago, a 20-year-old who resides in the UK sent an e-mail to American climate scientist Judith Curry. This young person describes themselves as miserable, fearful, and petrified. Frequently sick to their stomach, unable to eat or sleep, they’re genuinely worried that “climate change is going to kill me and all my family.”

Donna wants to help such youngsters:
'If you are a young person in distress about the climate, please read one or more of the three books listed below. I promise you, your world will be different by the time you finish any of them. If you read all three, I guarantee you’ll see the universe with completely new eyes.'  See the link  for more details of these excellent books.

It is, of course, no wonder that young people are so distressed.  Here is a recent, and abysmal, video produced, believe it or not, to raise votes for a Senate candidate in the USA:  A disgraceful effort, but it provides insight into the tormented imaginings of climate scare victims and those who wish to exploit them.  The same can said of the video contained in this link showing German children trained to treat their grandmothers with contempt for not toeing the line on the CO2 Scare:

And here is a mother, who is herself a victim of the scaremongering, looking at all sorts of  probably unhelpful ways to help her own kids:   This mother needs to fix her own fears first, and I hope my forthcoming posts might prove helpful to people just like her.

In the meantime, here is a pretty good video to start things off in 2020:


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY READERS - here's hoping for more progress in the spreading of a calmer, better-informed  view of climate variation.

Note added 03 Jan 2020
Predictive skill is the acid test for good science.  The CO2 Catastrophists fail it time after time after time.  More links on their failures can be found here:

Note added 30 Jan 2020
'A new roundup of scientific papers published in 2019 that do not toe the morally and intellectually bankrupt lines of the CO2 fanatics: 
'Over 440 Scientific Papers Published In 2019 Support A Skeptical Position On Climate Alarm
By  on 30. January 2020'

Three cheers for Kenneth Richard.  May he continue to spot and publicise the work of real scientists.