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Climate Lessons

Christmas Greetings to all who come here
Christmas Greetings to all who come here
Publish: Thu 12 Dec 2019 - 10:19 AM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

Wonderful hymns are part of the beauty of Christianity.  This one, in the video, sings of the beauties of nature, of weather, and of farming.  All good in these days of a continued growth in world food production,  We can also note and appreciate the dramatic reduction in poverty and starvation over the last 30 years or so.  Truly, things have never been better for so many people, and there is no good reason to doubt further great progress is within our reach.

Here's another video, by an expert in CO2 and its effects.  This would make good holiday viewing for any youngster, or indeed adult, badly troubled by all the shameless, mindless scaremongering about CO2 and climate:

And here is some reinforcement from an extremely distinguished physicist who has specialised in the interaction of radiation with matter:

Merry Christmas to one and all, and here's hoping for a calmer perspective on airborne CO2 to keep on spreading round the world in 2020!

PS.  More scientists are getting through into the scientific literature with results in conflict with the scaremongers' demented visions:

Layers of Climate Incompetence - a quote for the classroom wall
Layers of Climate Incompetence - a quote for the classroom wall
Publish: Thu 05 Dec 2019 - 12:47 PM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

'It takes layers of incompetence to wind up an atmospheric spectral change into Death To Billions. Mass delusion and catastrophic hyperbole just doesn’t come from nowhere — it’s starts with incompetent scientists who never ask each other hard questions, not even in the tea rooms. They tell journalists ambiguously phrased, cherry picked lines which are then amped up by the media, who also ask no hard questions and go on to misquote and exaggerate. By then it’s a junkyard of science communication, and that’s when attention-seeking zealots get hold of what they thought were scientific pronouncements and turn them into bumper stickers of enviro-biblical jello.'

Jo Nova,

What a neat summary of this dreadful, destructive fiasco.  How  much longer can it continue?  Alarmism science is bankrupt, but the political alarmism forces may yet cause even more massive damage than they have already done before their momentum and their madness is stopped.

Here is a real scientist dismissing the climate alarmism:

Good overview by Prof. Happer in Dec 2019:
(hat-tip: Climate Depot )

Here is a sickly-funny take on the totalitarianism that seems part of humanity's make-up and which has found new succour in the CO2 Scare:
(hat-tip: NotaLotofPeopleKnowThat )

PISA Survey finds only 9% of 15-year olds can distinguish fact from opinion when reading
PISA Survey finds only 9% of 15-year olds can distinguish fact from opinion when reading
Publish: Wed 04 Dec 2019 - 10:42 AM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

'Only 9% of 15-year-olds can tell the difference between fact and opinion'

'In the US, 13.5% of 15-year-olds can distinguish between fact and opinion when trying to interpret a complex reading task. In the UK, it’s just 11.5%.
Those results are both better than the OECD average of 9%, according to the latest results of PISA, or the Programme for International Student Assessment, an international test of math, science, and reading which is administered by the OECD every three years.'
No wonder, then, that youngsters are so vulnerable to CO2 Scare propaganda!  As well as pointing to failings in education, this also points to the value of good teachers and parents who help their children make better sense of the world.  The recent waves of publicity for Extinction Rebellion's and Greta Thunberg's ill-informed opinions add some more urgency to finding ways to help parents and teachers, and to help the children themselves, see the lack of substance in the CO2 Scare.

For the Climate Classroom Wall, and for Christmas gifts: the Josh 2020 Calendar, and his new book
For the Climate Classroom Wall, and for Christmas gifts: the Josh 2020 Calendar, and his new book
Publish: Sat 30 Nov 2019 - 10:55 AM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

Josh's calendar for 2020 may be his best yet, and that is saying something.  Glorious colours, great wit, and lots of insights, and reminders of stuff and nonsense from afflicted (aka 'anointed') ones of the CO2 Scare.

You can buy it here:

For the classroom wall, or the staff-room wall, or your kitchen wall - several conversation pieces each month - all with charm and even compassion, not least for the afflicted ones and their self-anointed leaders.

It also makes for a good gift, as does Josh's new book: 'All You Need to Know About Climate Change - in cartoons'

Here is Matt Ridley, writing in his foreword to this book:

'Nobody does a better job of exposing with wit the shaky foundations on which these predictions of doom are built than Josh.  In these pages are real scientific, economic and political arguments expressed in ingenious cartoons, their background explained in paragraphs of pithy text.'

Couldn't have said it better myself.

A great present for young and old, and it could especially help any teenagers you know at high school who may be deeply troubled thanks to the wicked propaganda they have been subjected to all their days.

You can buy it here:

And it is also on Amazon:

Ideas for High School Projects on Climate Alarmism and the CO2 Scare
Ideas for High School Projects on Climate Alarmism and the CO2 Scare
Publish: Wed 27 Nov 2019 - 6:02 PM
Website: Climate Lessons
Source: View Original

Lots of ideas for high school projects on the CO2 Scare could be plucked from this video by discerning teachers: three penetrating thinkers and analysts on climate variation (and the current alarmism around it) - Ross McKitrick, Steve McIntyre, and Anthony Watts talking good sense, aided and abetted by Mark Steyn, a penetrating thinker and analyst of current affairs - as well as a lively chairman of this discussion:


And from the comments on that post, here is a link to a video with more explicitly highlighted ideas here for senior pupils doing projects on climate alarmism:

(hat-tip: CO2 is Life,

And for pupils doing a project on English lit and climate change, or journalism and climate, might well find inspiration here:

And to mark the recent passing of Clive James, here is a relevant poem of his:

Imminent Catastrophe

The imminent catastrophe goes on
Not showing many signs of happening.
The ice at the North Pole that should be gone
By now, is awkwardly still lingering,
And though sometimes the weather is extreme
It seems no more so than when we were young
Who soon will hear no more of this grim theme
Reiterated in the special tongue
Of manufactured fright. Sea Level Rise
Will be here soon and could do such-and-such,
Say tenured pundits with unblinking eyes.
Continuing to not go up by much,
The sea supports the sceptics, but they, too,
Lapse into oratory when they predict
The sure collapse of the alarmist view
Like a house of cards, for they could not have picked
A metaphor less suited to their wish.
A house of cards subsides with just a sigh
And all the cards are still there.
Feverish Talk of apocalypse might, by and by,
Die down, but the deep anguish will persist.
His death, and not the Earth’s, is the true fear
That motivates the doomsday fantasist:
There can be no world if he is not here.
        -- Clive James, The Times, 17 March 2016

[This grand wee poem was also published on this blog in March, 2016:]