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Climate Realists

The Realists Take on Climate Change, the last 50 articles

Many Thanks: There are now a staggering total of 15,000+ followers @ClimateRealists on Twitter
Publish: Sat 01 Jun 2013 - 8:36 AM
Website: Climate Realists
Twitter: @ClimateRealists
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Article Tags: Twitter

I am happy to report that the landmark of 15,000+ followers has now been reached at the ClimateRealists Twitter Account.

If you haven't done so already, please join them and follow my latest news items and links

In order to keep this popular site running and therefore maintaining a "Library" of over 10,000 articles for a record of the "greatest scientific hoax", please can you contribute a small donation ($2) via the donation area in the top right corner of the page.

All donations will be acknowledged with your name being mentioned in the Climate Realists index with the word "Donation".

Many thanks



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Publish: Fri 12 Apr 2013 - 12:22 PM
Website: Climate Realists
Twitter: @ClimateRealists
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Dear Climate Realists

It is with regret that due to recent changes in my personal life I will not have the time available to update this site until sometime in the future.

I have made provisions to keep the site running so you can read the 10,000+ articles

I hope the name "Climate Realists" remains a prominent irritation to supporters of AGW and that it is used by you wisely

I bid you all farewell and look forward to the day when the supporters of AGW admit their mistake.

There has been NO warming of the Earth due to "Man Made" co2. The warming can be atributed to 50 years of higher then average solar activity on the Sun that started in the 1950's and ended around 2006.

There WILL be more changes to our climate in the future due to our Sun becoming less active. This change is destined to make the Earth cooler, and NOT warmer. The reason AGW supporters have been misinformed about this issue is from political madness and the abuse of science

In short we have seen extended Summers due to an active Sun and now face extended Winters due to a less active Sun....Pass it on!

I Love you all .....please keep up the fight by calling yourself a "Climate Realist", the term "Climate Skeptic" is not correct, as there is nothing to be skeptical about! It's the Sun stupid;)


Note: Stay tuned to the ClimateRealists Twitter account for major news articles/links:)

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Stephen Wilde: Neutralizing Radiative Imbalances Within Convecting Atmospheres
Publish: Wed 10 Apr 2013 - 8:33 PM
Website: Climate Realists
Twitter: @ClimateRealists
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Article Tags: Stephen Wilde

Neutralizing Radiative Imbalances Within Convecting Atmospheres

From the site 3rd October 2015, click the source link at the bottom of this posting to read FULL Article

This article sets out a simple mechanism whereby planetary atmospheres can be rendered thermally stable over time despite huge variations in the atmospheric content of radiatively active molecules such as greenhouse gases, material released by volcanic outbreaks of a vast size, and material vaporized in large asteroid or meteor strikes.

It is established science that convective adjustments can stabilise or neutralise radiative imbalances:

“Radiative equilibrium profile could be unstable; convection restores it to stability (or neutrality)”


Note that the hydrostatic equation depicts the vertical balance of force for a piece of fluid at rest. The balance is between the upward pressure gradient force and downward gravitational force The hydrostatic equation is the vertical component of the momentum equation (Newton’s equation of motion) for the fluid parcel when the forces are in prefect balance and the net acceleration = 0.”

Readers could study that lecture since it explains the concept of hydrostatic balance within atmospheres.

It appears that those climate scientists who apply the radiative gases theory of climate change have overlooked the means by which convection neutralizes radiative imbalances.

Let’s start by looking closely at the tropopause, which is known to undulate upwards above rising air masses and downwards above falling air masses. The height of the tropopause is set by ozone in the stratosphere reacting directly with incoming solar energy so as to create a temperature inversion that blocks further upward convection.

Click the link at the bottom of this posting to read FULL Article

Also read the following article by Stephen Wilde at the

Click link for full article

How Convection Responds To Greenhouse Gases So As To Maintain The Hydrostatic Equilibrium Of An Atmosphere

Guest post by Stephen Wilde, who has been a member of the Royal Meteorological Society since 1968.


This article is complementary to Stephen Wilde’s earlier works at:

New Climate Model

and is consistent with the cause of the so called greenhouse effect being atmospheric mass held off a surface within a gravitational field and subjected to insolation.

Convective overturning within any horizontal layer of gases around a planet and held off the surface against the force of gravity revolves around the point where the upward pressure gradient force within the atmosphere achieves hydrostatic balance with the downward force of gravity. At that point kinetic energy (KE or heat) matches potential energy (PE which is not heat) in any molecules present.

It is Earth’s surface temperature enhancement of 33K above the temperature predicted by radiative physics that provides the kinetic energy required at the surface to maintain the upward pressure gradient force. That kinetic energy is locked into constant convective overturning and cannot be radiated to space without the mass of the atmosphere falling to the surface.


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Global warming caused cold - a research-and-error by Ulli Kulke, Die Welt
Publish: Wed 10 Apr 2013 - 8:24 PM
Website: Climate Realists
Twitter: @ClimateRealists
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Article Tags: none

Image Attachment

This year the cold and snow are extreme. Researchers say it was because of global warming. An uncalled behind which seems to be a logical connection.

At night it is colder than outside. Similar to this dictum, which stands as a symbol of nonsense, sounds like what we hear from some climate scientists these days through the icy winter and especially in March and read: Ironically, a man-made global warming was responsible for the cold of the last few weeks.

The Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research (AWI) over to this thesis, as well as the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). The claim may sound contradictory. It hides behind quite a logical relationship, first. But ultimately, it is difficult with the - bring Done between heaven and earth together - unfathomable.

Source: Google Translate Die Welt German/English

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A Graph to Debunk AGW: Solar Geomagnetic Activity is highly correlated to Global Temperature changes between 1856-2000
Publish: Wed 10 Apr 2013 - 8:15 PM
Website: Climate Realists
Twitter: @ClimateRealists
Source: View Original

Article Tags: A Graph to Debunk AGW

Image Attachment

A paper published in the journal of the Italian Astronomical Society finds that solar geomagnetic activity was highly correlated to global temperature changes over the period from 1856-2000. The authors “show that the index commonly used for quantifying long-term changes in solar activity, the sunspot number, accounts for only one part of solar activity and using this index leads to the underestimation of the role of solar activity in the global warming in the recent decades. A more suitable index is the geomagnetic activity which reflects all solar activity, and it is highly correlated to global temperature variations in the whole period for which we have data.”

Click source to read FULL report


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