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The Reference Frame

Supersymmetric world from a conservative viewpoint

Metastrings and mysterious triality
Publish: Tue 30 Nov 2021 - 6:35 AM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

Two new neat stringy papers I want to mention two new hep-th preprints. First, Berglund, Hübsch, and Minić wrote Mirror Symmetry, Born Geometry and String Theorywhere they sell their love for the "bosonic string as the parent of the superstring" and the "doubled degrees of freedom for T-duality" including the new term "metastring theory", not to mention the "Born geometry" (a structure on the doubled tori, with some symplectic structure and modular group), but the real new beef of the 5-page-short paper seems to be their ability to get a manifest mirror symmetry out of the doubled starting point. Some non-commutative generalizations of the Calabi-Yaus are automatically included. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The last hep-th paper is Mysterious Trialityby Sati and Voronov. I've been in love with the mysterious duality by Vafa, Iqbal, and Neitzke, and debated the authors when they were making and releasing the paper. OK, the exceptional Lie groups' lattices which are relevant in the U-duality of M-theory on tori seem to be reproduced, along with other quantities, in the del Pezzo surfaces \({\mathbb B}_k\). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); I've tried to complete a theory defined on the del Pezzos that could produce the string/M-theory spacetime as the "target space of the target space". Now these two authors have a third dual description i.e. the duality is extended to a triality. Their third descrpition involves the...

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"Very high probabilities that theorems are true" are fallacious
Publish: Sun 28 Nov 2021 - 11:19 AM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

David B. sent me a recent article by Mussardo and LeClair that uses the Mertens function i.e. the cummulative sum of the Möbius function to produce a statistical argument in favor of the Riemann Hypothesis. It's interesting but at the end, I believe that we already have lots of these incomplete "statistical arguments in favor of the Riemann Hypothesis". They have actually existed for centuries; most mathematicians have believed that the hypothesis was true and the "circumstantial evidence" was always an important reason of that belief. Yes, this article hugely overlaps with \(P=NP\) is conceivable; there is no partial evidence in purely discrete mathematics (2014). See other blog posts that mention probabilities and Riemann or \(P\), \(NP\), proofs. Fine, I have spent hundreds of hours with the Riemann Hypothesis in my life. Almost all my attacks on the problem were naturally thinking of "physical systems" where a function related to the Riemann zeta function was a partition sum or something similar. Some of them were just quantum mechanical problems of particles on some graphs (with line intervals whose lengths was related to primes), some of them had creation and annihilation operators for primes, the most sophisticated ones involved the tachyon minimum in string field theory or \(p\)-adic string theory. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); An overwhelming majority of my attempts assumed the Hilbert-Pólya conjecture which is a vague Ansatz for a...

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Farcical pseudoscience of the new South African variant
Publish: Fri 26 Nov 2021 - 9:13 AM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

Omicron is a dumb story designed to bring the Coronazi ultramorons' hysteria to an even higher level In the morning, I needed some 10 minutes to find out why the stock futures are collapsing today. Yes, when the movements are sharp, there is usually a single explanation (while the attributions of smaller, noise-like movements are usually fuzzy fairy-tales) and today it is A new Covid-19 variant could show immune evasion and enhanced transmissibility, South African scientists warn (CNN)Oh I see. So some African "scientists" have found a new genetic code of a SARS-CoV-2 descendant and called it the B.1.1.529 variant, also called "omicron" by the WHO or "nu" by others or (by the nutty Belgian PM) Covid-21. It has the highest number of mutations and maybe, perhaps, it will not only be more transmissible but also evade the immune system and other things. Millions of people clearly buy the garbage "science" news every day and today, this stuff is apparently enough to subtract 4% from DAX (the German index) while the Prague Index only lost 1.67% at the end (thank God, a lukewarm version of the psychopathy is here); some of the drop is "justifiable" by the fact that politicians are discussing new travel bans and similar things again (VIX, the index of fear, goes up damn 46%). How totally braindead do you have to become to buy something like that and react in this way? I am absolutely shocked by the sheer stupidity of so many people. Botswana In fact, everyone who believes any...

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Václav Klaus's answers to questions posed by the server (iCoal)
Publish: Fri 26 Nov 2021 - 6:39 AM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

Interview with the Czech ex-president One of the main topics of today is the Brussels plan for a rapid comprehensive transformation of the EU member states, called the Green Deal (or the Green Destiny in Czechia). It has its supporters and opponents. Which group do you belong to? I am, of course, a total opponent of the Green Deal. One thing is the reason for the aggressive and destructive fight against global warming and CO2 emissions, the other is the EU's own plan to "green" [verb] Europe, the European economy and to create carbon neutrality in Europe, and presenting it as a way to make the European economy more efficient. The opposite is true. I have been actively involved in these issues – writing and lecturing – for at least 15 years, and passively, that is to say, with marginal comments, for three decades. It's the same "song and dance", the arguments on both sides remain the same. I already saw the "end of the world" in the formation of the Club of Rome in the late 60s and early 70s. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The terms energy self-sufficiency and energy security are often used in connection with EU plans. How important is it for the Czech Republic to maintain both of these qualities? Energy self-sufficiency is economic nonsense and an unrealistic goal in reality. In this sense, the entity called the state is quite economically and energetically very random and cannot be self-sufficient. It has to import many products, including...

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The United States is falling apart
Publish: Wed 24 Nov 2021 - 5:45 PM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

The United States is in danger of chaos and possibly totalitarianism, then a new state will emerge An interview with Erik Best, a US journalist based in Prague since Feb 1991 (CZ audio) Host Martina Kociánová: The rapid transformation of society throughout the Western world. This statement could be used to introduce many episodes of our interviews with various experts, scientists, analysts. What is happening? How come so fast? How is the world changing? Where is it heading? Where are the changes coming from, and what can we do about it? These are the most common questions that you, our listeners, and we are equally interested in, and that we always try to ask as well. The answers, of course, often raise concerns, because they usually say nothing about a beautiful bright future in which we will all lovingly hold hands and walk with a happy song towards a sunny horizon. That is how the future is portrayed by ideologues, not by people with their feet on the ground, and perhaps that is why so many people fall for ideologies. Maybe they want to believe the dream because it's more pleasant than facing an increasingly difficult reality. It is about ideologies that we are going to talk today, and how they are gradually metastasizing into our lives, but of course not only about them. For example, we will look at the United States through the eyes of a journalist from America who has lived here for 30 years. I'm going to be talking with my colleague, journalist, commentator, analyst,...

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