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The Reference Frame

Supersymmetric world from a conservative viewpoint

This way of our democracy seems to me rather unfortunate
Publish: Mon 10 Jan 2022 - 9:00 AM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

Through different eyes. By Jiří Weigl In early December, a global online summit on democracy was organised by US President Biden. In the face of China's overwhelming economic and power ascendancy, the developed West wants to use this and similar events to give itself confidence and convince the rest of the non-Western world that our example is still the best and worthy of emulation. Democracy, i.e. rule by the people, is the means of ensuring good governance, which is a condition for the prosperity of a country and its people. Based on long historical experience, we in the West have come to say that it is a necessary condition for such development. Today, however, we are often surprised to find that other countries, which do not have a tradition of democratic governance and are not even trying to adopt it, are developing faster, reducing the historical lead that we have gained in past eras and very often overtaking us in key development parameters. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The main systemic advantage of democracy over authoritarian regimes is undoubtedly that it allows for regular changes of government according to clear and respected rules. Another advantage up to now has been the principle that the existence of opposition is guaranteed, and that in the confrontation of different political concepts, opinions and visions, a political programme emerges which is implemented on the basis of the voters' decision. Permanent legal political...

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Ruth Wisse: how Harvard went woke
Publish: Sun 09 Jan 2022 - 8:40 PM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

Ruth Wisse as Fiddler on the Roof (of the Memorial Church at Harvard), illustration from the Spectator World Three months after it was published, I finally found an excerpt from the October 2021 book by Prof Ruth Wisse, Free as a Jew: A Personal Memoir of National Self-Liberation, that appeared in the Spectator World: How Harvard went wokeI've exchanged a few messages with Prof Wisse – as two allies sometimes do – during the 2005 (or 2005-2006) feminist-led witch hunt on Larry Summers and I became aware of the fact that she belonged to a handful of Harvard professors who felt self-confident about their moral foundations and ideological compass. In early 2005, I found out that over 99% of the faculty members were either deluded extreme leftists or (and that was arguably the overwhelming majority) totally spineless opportunists who were eager to more or less overtly encourage any immoral and pathological evolution at Harvard. Ruth Wisse and Harvey Mansfield were the unambiguously voices of conservative morality... and if you thought about others with these extra conditions in mind, you could ask "Who is the third?". (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); At any rate, she explained that as a Yiddish scholar, she spent the years 1993-2014 at Harvard. She came there partly thanks to some kind of quotas on women which she had always criticized – what an irony – and during the years, the thought police and especially the self-censorship of all the members of...

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CMS: another bump at \(2.9\TeV\)
Publish: Fri 07 Jan 2022 - 7:51 AM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

This is a very short comment consolidating some LHC events with the apparent mass near \(2.9\TeV\). In the early September 2015, I mentioned a record-breaking CMS event with an electron-positron pair and the invariant mass of \(2.9\TeV\). It was very unlikely to have such a high-energy event at that time. It attracted some phenomenological papers e.g. this one. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); At the end of the same month, I mentioned an \(2.9\TeV\) ATLAS event. But confusingly enough, it involved two muons and a jet so the particle would have to be colored i.e. QCD-charged. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); But interestingly enough, there was another fluke at ATLAS, in April 2017. Locally, they had a 3.3-sigma \(ZH\) evidence in favor of a \(3\TeV\) boson. Finally, we are returning to the present. In a fresh today's paper, Search for high-mass resonances decaying to a jet and a Lorentz-boosted resonance in proton-proton collisions at \(\sqrt s = 13\TeV\),the CMS collaboration (see the first paragraph of Results, page 7) found the most significant excess worth 3.2 sigma locally, and it is at \[ G_{KK}=2.9\TeV, \qquad m(\phi)=0.4\TeV. \] It is consistent with a Kaluza-Klein gluon, so it would also be a colored particle, compatible with the previous mu-mu-jet ATLAS event. So this could be consistent with the mu-mu-jet event from another detector: a potentially independent confirmation of a new colored particle at...

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Kazakhstan civil war vs January 6th "riot"
Publish: Thu 06 Jan 2022 - 5:27 PM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

Chaos and violence erupted in Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country of Borat's (and 19 million other people) that used to belong to the Soviet Union. The people are pretty rich there, thanks to (mainly) oil, metals, and easy agriculture. Kazakhstan is both the country of Baikonur as well as a member of the CSTO, Russia's counterpart of NATO. Clashes continue in Almaty, Kazakhstan— RT (@RT_com) January 6, 2022 Almaty's Republic Square looks more lively than Pilsen's Republic Square. Note that the Kazakh language is a Turkic language; but a large fraction of the population, especially the elites and would-be elites, speak Russian. The former capital is the reasonanly warm Almaty in the Southeast (2 million people) but they moved the government to Nursultan (1.2 million like Prague, named after a former leader) in the Central North which will experience –23 °C on Sunday. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The new capital Almaty is much like D.C. and is inhabited mostly by bureaucrats and politicians of a sort, so it's the only place where the revolt hasn't taken place. In the rest of the country, the law enforcement was basically defeated by the rebels, many of the cops were beheaded (the Taliban only beheads Calvin Klein figurines these days!). Tokayev, the current president, wanted to please the demonstrators but after some violence, he asked CSTO for the fraternal help (we have used this for the formally allied...

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A "democratic commie Marxist" girl a frontrunner to lead the Czech Pirates
Publish: Wed 05 Jan 2022 - 2:45 PM
Website: The Reference Frame
Twitter: @lumidek
Source: View Original

The Czech Pirate Party was founded in 2009 and at the beginning, it was mostly meant to be a one-dimensional, anti-copyright party promoting Napster and helping other people to steal things on the Internet (yes, they got the name from digital pirates, not from the marine ones). However, it gradually found experts in most other topics and it naturally obtained an ideological flavor. Whenever such a flavor was apparent, every sane person must have seen that the Pirates were a far left party. Most of the members promote all the woke, climate alarmist, and other "causes". The party belongs to the far left Green Faction in the European Parliament. Sadly, this fact largely boils down to the successful promotion of the woke and far left views by the EU-distorted schools among the Czech youth in general (the Pirates are mostly a young Czechs' party). Pirátka, Jana Michailidu, členka rady politického institutu Pirátů, se VEŘEJNĚ HLÁSÍ K IDEOLOGII KOMUNISMU, ZA KETRÝM BĚHEM POSLEDNÍCH 100 LET STOJÍ SMUTNÉ ČÍSLO AŽ 94 000 000 MRTVÝCH. @SpoluKoalice se raduje, že se zbavili KSČM, ale mezitím stranicky podporují Marxovo dítě.— Tomáš Chlachula 🇨🇿 (@TomasChlachula) January 5, 2022 In the October 2021 elections, they ran in a coalition with STAN (Mayors and Independent), and this coalition got a good result. But because of the personal preference votes, Pirates themselves experienced a Waterloo: out of the 38 lawmakers obtained by the coalition, the...

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